Logistics cycle and in- and outbound flows

We at LTC take care of the fashion industry’s entire logistics cycle, managing all in- and outbound flows.

The products that reach our warehouses undergo a quantity check, which our clients can see through a webcam.

Then, the goods are stored in the warehouse, waiting to be released. Once we receive the order, the products are collected from the warehouse, packaged and shipped.

Whether you have a single or multichannel activity, LTC will always help you manage logistics efficiently and transparently based on your needs.

B2B Logistics

We handle B2B orders of large quantities and volumes thanks to the flexibility with which we manage our spaces.

Our automated systems and the precious work of our employees allow us to provide fast and customised packaging procedures, like those for major international chains.

B2C Logistics

E-commerce requires flexible service and customised packaging. For example, we at LTC can manage work peaks on Mondays, during promotions or special events throughout the year. We manage orders that include specific and accurate packaging for e-commerce, marketplaces, or multibrand retailers. Flimsy paper, gift packs, special paper, flyers, gadgets and everything you need to create a customised packet.

Multichannel Logistic

LTC will meet all your needs, whether you’re a physical shop, an e-commerce or a third-party seller.

The fashion world is inextricably linked to seasons. Therefore, it must rely on a flexible and versatile warehouse, especially when the players involved are more than one.

Every time a user buys products handled in our warehouses, we receive the order, which we process with customised packages and procedures depending on the sales channel.

Start-Up Logistics

An organised logistics flow is essential, especially if your business is growing.

A partner with vertical competency in the sector can help organise and optimise the work and solve new and often unexpected problems. Do you have a start-up project? Contact us to know how we can help you.

Other services

LTC stands out for its flexibility in tailoring its service to your needs. We can provide extra services besides the standard logistics cycle.


Our specialised and experienced team checks the quality of the goods based on the client’s specifications. They check the garments’ technical and aesthetic aspects, sizes, and washing quality.


With LCT, you can easily and quickly return any product. Returned items without defects can be quickly reconditioned by changing the label and packaging and be transferred to new markets. On the other hand, defective returned items can be restored to be reintroduced in secondary distribution circuits. These operations are agreed upon with our clients.


Our experts can iron, steam, stitch, wash, polish and change buttons, labels, prices, and packaging to recondition any garment, making it new again.


We at LTC have set up a studio for the photo shoots of your items. A partner who takes care of every logistic aspect and manages photo shoots is a vital asset. This way, you can save on transport costs and keep the entire process under control.


LTC collaborates with the best Italian and international shipping and transport specialists, ensuring an online tracking service and safe delivery.
With us, you can access various Italian and international shipping services.
Even if you decide to use a carrier of your choice, our offices will be able to track the shipment in real-time to ensure it reaches its final destination on time.


We at LTC know that samples are essential for the success of every collection. They must reach the trade fair, fashion shows or showrooms on schedule and without any errors. That’s why they must be managed accurately and quickly.
We at LTC also manage gadgets, advertising material, and whatever you need to set up a shop window. But there’s room for more! We can take care of any aspect if you need special pre-retail operations, e.g., change of labels, addition of sales accessories or packaging diversification for the various distribution circuits.


We at LTC can make you save on duty costs. How? Our facilities in Perugia include a custom warehouse for this purpose.

Our customer care service will help your project grow while taking care of your needs.