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Perugia - Headquarters - UMBRIA

Prato - Tuscany

Acqualagna - the Marche nord

Vigonza - Veneto

Bologna - Emilia Romagna

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The logistics cycle is tailored to each client’s requirements based on a standard procedure that includes the following stages: Receiving, Quality Control, Location, Picking, and Packaging.

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We collaborate with the best Italian and international shipping and transport specialists, ensuring an online tracking service and the utmost care in delivery.

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We guarantee speedy, precise, and reliable deliveries and a highly customisable order processing service for a better purchase experience.

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Our highly qualified professionals are able to easily detect any problem regarding the quality of the garments and raw materials, allowing you to keep the name of your brand high.

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We carefully manage samples, garment reconditioning, returns, changes, and raw materials. Read more about our value-added B2B e-commerce services.

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We have a photography studio where we do product shoots for e-commerce, catalogues, promotional and advertising campaigns.

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Logistica per il fashion

Research and development to be always ahead of time!

Think of RFID as a barcode that can exchange information via radio waves and update itself over time.

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Providing your shop with the RFID technology means ensuring benefits for all the players involved in the creation, distribution, and sale of the end products.

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RFID technology is changing the world significantly and will soon involve many more aspects of everyday life.

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