Ethics and sustainability

Sustainability must be achieved every day.

Relying on qualified personnel who can take care of every step of the process is essential.

We at LTC have always believed in the importance of the human factor.

Every project requires customised processes that we assign to a specialised team to ensure efficiency and quality while making our operators feel fulfilled with what they do.

Since the beginning of our activities, women have made up the majority of the corporate workforce. We believe that diversity can make our organisation improve. That’s why women are now prominent in both operational and managerial roles. At LTC, gender inclusion is not an abstract concept but an asset for the company.


LTC has been supporting Treedom in protecting the environment and local communities for years. LTC’s commitment to this project has allowed the plantation of 50 trees in Haiti to absorb 17.10 t* of CO2.

A journey
to embark on together

Now that we started this journey, we don’t want it to end.

That’s why we need the support of our clients and partners to keep improving and make this world more sustainable. And because we believe in circular economy and sustainability, we have been interacting with companies that revolve their business around these topics.

We believe sustainability is something that must be achieved every day through the commitment of every one of us.