We collaborate with the best Italian and international shipping and transport specialists, ensuring an online tracking service and the utmost care in delivery.
Our partners include major Italian and international shops ensuring accurate delivery times to reach every geographical

area in a safe and timely manner.
Even in the case that our clients decide to use a carrier of their choice, our offices will be able to track the shipment in real time to ensure it reaches its final destination on time.

72/96h SERVICE
If you’re not in a rush, we have an affordable and intelligent option, which consists in using one of our partners, who ensures the same safety and efficiency standards but takes a little longer to reach the destination.

The national and international agreements we have entered into allow us to provide a high-end service both on routine destinations and individual operations.

We also provide an express delivery service. This is the service you need to meet specific customer requirements.

  • 24-hour express delivery

  • express delivery of samples and accessories

  • express deliveries for special clients

  • special end-customer requests

Our partnerships with major shipping companies allow us to reach any area of the world. We mainly ship to the strategic areas of international traffic, such as the United States, Europe, and the Far East; however, if you have different requirements, we will provide you a timely and accurate service.

We also have several platforms in Italy and across the world that allow you to have a concrete reference in international markets and develop a widespread and easy to monitor expansion project.