One of the distinctive features of l&tc is its flexibility. We have never been afraid to change our procedures according to our clients’ requirements.

However, over the years we have developed standard procedures, which allow us to optimise the main stages of every logistics cycle, which are the following:


Before the goods arrive, the client sends us a packing list with indications on the incoming load. This way, our operators are ready to receive it in the best possible way.
When the lorries arrive at the unloading area, our operators check that the accompanying transport documents are correct.
Once we make sure that the goods arrived were those expected, we carefully unload them and place them in the incoming goods area ready to be checked.


Our operators check that we have received the right shipment using special fibre optic scanners connected to our computer system. At the same time, they automatically enter the information on the incoming products in the system.
Upon confirming the arrival of the shipment to the client, we get the goods ready to be taken to the storage area.


After quality control, the products are located in the warehouse according to the optimisation criteria provided for by our computer for the subsequent picking operations. During this stage, the technological systems we use allow us to choose the perfect space and time for the operations according to the type of handling required (standard crates, loose products, and e-commerce), thereby speeding up procedures and minimising errors.


Picking operations are carried out by our highly qualified personnel, who prepare each order according to the indications of the computer system.
Every time a client sends an order, the program generates a picking list, which informs the operator which and how many products should be picked from their location in the warehouse.
Clients can check the status of these operations in real time through a special interface. This also allows them to see the efficiency of our processes for themselves.
After the picking stage, the goods are moved to the packaging area. However, in many cases, our operators can package the goods on the spot after picking them, without having
to take them to the packaging station.


After a further check of each order picked from the warehouse, the goods are packaged with care and prepared for the courier.
Our systems allow us to operate with standard procedures. Each client tells us their packaging requirements and we make sure to meet them.
At the same time, we prepare all the information and labels for the carrier to ensure that the products reach the end client on time, without any delay or problems.
Invoices are always printed on the client’s letterhead.

All operations in our warehouses are normally carried out by reading barcodes. However, from 2010, we have been managing the entire logistics cycle of some of our clients exclusively with RFID technology, which speeds up operations and reduces possibility for error considerably.