Quality is what makes the difference!

Quality control is crucial for ensuring that every product gets to the shelves of every shop in perfect conditions and increase every company’s brand reputation.
We at l&tc have created a team to provide a quality control service on both finished garments and fabric rolls to meet every requirement.
The sample, product sheet, and colour palette data provide us with the tools to compare the technical conformity of the garment with the features provided for during production.
The specialists will check fabric composition, washing quality, and size uniformity.
Quality control, just as our logistics service, is customised to every client’s needs. We can carry out technical or aesthetic checks; in other cases we can perform sample checks on the sizes.
When it comes to footwear, our technicians, many of which have years of experience in major footwear companies, not only can immediately detect a problem, but also provide indications on how to solve it. They can even provide their consultancy directly at your manufacturing plant in Italy or abroad.
Our team is always there to meet your requirements.