We at l&tc have been focused on research on the application of RFID systems in the world of fashion for years.
Since January 2010, after a long period of tests and pilot projects, we at l&tc have been using the RFID technology in our warehouses.
The project was partly inspired by the foresightedness of one of our best clients, who understood the future benefits of this new technology:
During the first stage of the project, we assessed the best technical solutions, testing the reliability of the tags and their best position inside the product.
At the same time, we have developed software that can manage the incoming and outgoing flows of the tagged products within our warehouses.
The perfect interconnection between tags, antenna, and software allows us to reduce goods processing times significantly, as well as to simplify the management of the logistics chain in our warehouses. Plus, the benefits with regards to the security margins are not to be underestimated. We can apply our RFID system to any type of fashion product. Contact us for more information and know all the advantages of an RFID system.