Here at l&tc we have a computer system that runs on Windows environment and use state-of-the-art tools.
Our IT system stands out for its extreme flexibility, which allows it to interact in a non-invasive and extremely effective way with any type of existing operating system.

The entire set of data is entered in our management system to which every client has access to check the progress of the procedures that concern them in real time.

Our special proprietary software allows for quick and efficient goods allocation and picking operations. Space and path optimisation inside the warehouse put operators in the condition to carry out every activity much faster.
The use of modern technologies, such as scanners, automated workstations, optic fibre and RFID readers help minimise any chance for error.

The close link between our personnel’s work and the IT system allows us to effectively monitor the various stages of the logistics cycle. This way, we can minimise errors and manage operations in an optimal way, even speeding them up where possible.

This and other measures help us identify any problem may arise immediately and intervene to solve them promptly.


What is it

Think of RFID as a barcode that can exchange information via radio waves and update itself over time.

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RFID for shops

Providing your shop with the RFID technology means ensuring benefits for all the players involved in the creation, distribution, and sale of the end products.

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Our RFID system

RFID technology is changing the world significantly and will soon involve many more aspects of everyday life.

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