The quality of our services and the customers satisfaction are always at the base of our way of thinking.
Starting from there, after opening our branch in Montegranaro, one of the shoe- manufacturing capitals of Italy, we have recently decided to reinforce the Company offer, improving our quality control service.

Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with a number of professionals, each with several decades of experience, we’ve instructed our workforce to improve their knowledge of quality control activities, both for shoes and for apparel, from the raw materials to the finished product.

Our goal is to offer the customer something more than simply quality control: we would like to provide real expert advice, able to recognize the problem and at the same time, suggest the possible solution to it.
When possible, we are also able to fix the problem without sending the goods back to the manufacturing centre, saving time, money and reputation.

The experience of our workers, connected with the L&TC instruments, like the “observatory control tissues machine” or other tools present also on the production line of top fashion brands, allow us to offer a top rate service, low impact on costs and great flexibility.

If you want to improve your quality control cycle, accelerate and streamline checking of incoming goods (from around the world), or more simply, if there is something you just can’t carry out by yourself, write to us at L&TC and ask for assistance/our help!

To discover all the services that L&TC can provide for you, visit our website!