1.What is integrated logistics?

Integrated logistics is a specific way of applying the concept of logistics itself, or rather the management process that governs the entire flow of materials and information, from their point of origin to the final consumer, even including after sales service.

2.Why should a fashion company entrust its warehouse to an outsourcing operator, and why should it choose L&TC?

The main reason, from which all the others originate, lies in the very nature of the fashion market itself, or rather its marked seasonality. In fact, companies that produce multiple annual collections often have peak times and times of almost complete inactivity in their warehouse operations, with a consequential lack of space, cost and workforce optimization.
Furthermore, since the market is becoming increasingly complicated, the amount of product can also vary considerably from one year to the next, thus making it impossible to predict how much space and how many people will be required for waste-free logistics management.
Relying on l&tc will not only allow you to obtain excellent service levels, developed over the course of 25 years on the market, but will also allow you to obtain variable costs (known in advance), with respect to the fixed costs of having your own structure.
Maximum attention to the customer’s needs, a WMS that’s capable of dialoguing with any ERP, a dedicated customer care office, and the use of RFID technology make l&tc one of Italy’s most high performance operators in this sector.

3.How much does the Logistics service cost?

Since our logistics services are always designed based on the company’s specific needs, it is difficult to provide exact cost parameters without first having analysed the problems and figures for the business that we will be called upon to manage; the number of pieces, as well as their volumes and rotation indexes (to mention just the main indicators), can result in very different prices, even for similar products.
If you would like to obtain a price quote, please complete our online form with all required information, and send it to the following address: info@ltc-logistics.it

4.How much time does it take to get started with L&TC?

Thanks to our fast-acting internal IT Department, the activities can be initiated just one week after signing the contractual agreement.

5.How much can you save on average with outsourcing?

Based on our decades of experience and studies conducted in the field of logistics outsourcing, the outsourcing of warehouse activities can provide for a savings of up to 10-15%.
This assessment must naturally take into account all the elements involved in this type of activity: the personnel employed, the cost for the space, the utilities, and the bureaucratic procedures.

6.If you decide to outsource your logistics, how do you manage the personnel employed in that department?

Every company that outsources its logistics services has the opportunity to focus more closely upon its core business, and some of the workers previously employed in the warehouse can therefore be assigned to different jobs.
If there is no possibility of changing their job assignments, l&tc is willing to evaluate the possibility of taking on any redundant workers and assigning them to equivalent tasks.

7.Do I need to change my management system to work with L&TC?

No, l&tc has developed a proprietary WMS called Logica, which is capable of interfacing and exchanging data with every type of ERP present on the market. Each customer can therefore continue to use their own management system: it will only be necessary to create an interface for communications between the two systems (which usually requires 2/3 business days at most).

8.Which technologies does L&TC use?

l&tc uses a proprietary ERP that’s capable of interfacing with any system in the customer’s possession. We have wireless handheld devices and barcode readers in the warehouse that can be used to read any type of barcode or RFID tag. Once the connection has been completed, our customers can connect at any time in order to follow all the processing stages from the comfort of their own terminals (logistics tracking).
Furthermore, since 2009 we have been successfully using RFID technology to manage the entire logistics cycles of certain brands, and, in the wake of this experience, we even carried out an RFID project dedicated to points of sale(click here for the video).

9.What’s the difference between e-commerce and B2B logistics management?

The main difference is linked to the picking and packing phases. In fact, while the processes affect a greater number of products in the composition of B2B orders, the incidence of each activity is typically higher for e-commerce orders (which are made up of 2 pieces per order on average).
l&tc has nevertheless developed a series of technical and operational steps capable of rendering the e-commerce logistics service extremely efficient and competitive, even in terms of cost.

10.How does the customer care work? Are the contacts always the same?

Each customer is generally assigned one or more operators (depending on the work volume), who will monitor all of their daily needs throughout the entire season, thus establishing excellent relationships with the representatives of the customer itself; whatever the case, all of l&tc’s operational branches have their own managers, and customer care teams that are always at our customers’ disposal.

11.Up until what time does L&TC receive shipping orders?

In the standard workflow, all orders received before 5:00 p.m. are processed within the next day. In the case of special needs, or for certain e-commerce businesses, we can even process orders received by 3:00 p.m. the same day.
It is important to note that the operating parameters are defined together with each of our customers at the start of each season; this scheduling allows us to arrange for the necessary space, and a team that’s ready to meet the specific requirements of the business in question.
If you need a service that we do not yet provide, tell us about your needs, and we will do our best to make sure that they are met.

12.Does L&TC also provide quality control services?

In addition to the logistics cycle, l&tc also offers a range of value added services, including garment reconditioning, product layout changes, bar-coding or label changes, garment packaging and quality control. l&tc has made considerable investments in this latter activity, with teams of expert operators being trained not only to check the quality of the products based on a series of shared indicators, but also to suggest how to fix the problem, with inspections being conducted directly at the production facilities, both in Italy and abroad.

13.Does L&TC also handle product transport?

Yes, thanks to its partnerships established with leading Italian and international carriers, l&tc is capable of handling the transport of the goods to the end customer, whether it be a point of sale or a private individual.
The l&tc “Traffic” Office coordinates each shipment, resolving any critical issues, and providing the customers with prompt feedback on the status of the shipments, which can even be consulted in real time via the website.

14.Do L&TC’s services include insurance coverage for the merchandise?

Insurance coverage for the merchandise is not mandatory in the integrated logistics supply contracts, and each customer can decide for themselves whether they want to insure their goods, and for what amount.
Whatever the case, at the customer’s specific request, l&tc can provide an insurance clause in collaboration with leading institutions.
l&tc naturally has an insurance policy that covers its own properties and all the activities conducted therein.

15.Does the personnel utilized always belong to L&TC?

l&tc always operates with its own personnel at each of its branches: due to our service’s high degree of seasonality, however, the company may turn to outside companies in order to obtain specialized personnel at certain times of year, and only for the purposes of warehouse operations.

16.Who are L&TC’s customers??

Our company policy and the stringent privacy agreements established with our customers do not allow us to disclose the names of the Brands that we work for.
Since l&tc offers its services to a diverse client base, its customers range from large multinational luxury companies, to small innovative start-ups with considerable growth potential.

17.If I entrust my products to you, can I visit the warehouse at any time?

Authorization is required in order to access our facilities. After providing their personal details, and with a minimum advance notice, our customers’ contact persons are always permitted to access to the warehouse areas dedicated to them in the company of our managers.