Managing samples is one of the most important stages of a fashion season. If not done properly, it could even put the success of a sale campaign at risk.
We at l&tc are well aware of this; that’s why during the days that lead to trade fairs and fashion shows we are extremely focused on making the samples reach their respective destinations on schedule and without any errors.

Collection division, pair division, and night-time shifts to always be on schedule and ensure maximum safety of every processing and transport stage. Even in this case, we tailor our service to your specific needs.

We at l&tc can provide the spaces for managing returns or unsold items. These are flexible spaces that can adapt to any requirement in a quick and dynamic way to follow the trends of the market.
Returned items without defects can be quickly reconditioned by changing the label and packaging and be transferred to new markets. On the other hand, defective returned items can be restored to be reintroduced in secondary distribution circuits.

These operations are important because they give garments a second life, generating new sales opportunities.
Managing returns is extremely important also in e-commerce. We at l&tc have a team that can take care of every incoming product and analyse it according to specific procedures approved by the client. This way, garments can be quickly made available for new sales operations. At the same time, our quick checks allow the end customers to be refunded easily, so they can start spending again.

Many companies offer assembled or kitted products according to the end customer’s requirements to implement their business policy and promote sales.
However, in some cases, manufacturers are not ready to create these packages during the production stage, especially if the same box has to contain items manufactured in different plants.

In this case, it’s logistics that should be able to prepare these kits without errors and ship them as quickly as possible.
We at l&tc have extensive experience in managing this type of service. We work with both loose and standard kitted products.

Automated systems and the work of our personnel allow us to provide quick packaging procedures that ensure the highest safety levels, thanks to the measures we take, such as the use of special tape to seal the packages.
Our over twenty years of experience has allowed us to create standard solutions to solve the most common customer needs. This is why we can easily manage gadgets, advertising material, and window fitting materials.

If you require special pre-retail operations, such as label changing, addition of sales accessories, or packaging differentiation for several distribution circuits, we at l&tc can take care of every aspect, simplifying procedures and promoting business relations.
If your needs have never been dealt with before, we can come up with the best solutions with the spirit of cooperation that make us a strategic partner and not just a service provider.
Tell us about your projects and we’ll help you plan everything to realise your ideas.

Products coming from different destinations to be redirected to a single market?
Incoming goods that need to be organised by categories and shipped to their final destinations?
Over the years, we have established long-lasting relationships with reliable partners across the world. Each one of our partners knows the market they serve well and can support us in cross docking operations anywhere in the world.

Implementing a business expansion plan in unknown markets relying on effective logistics is a competitive advantage that should not be underestimated!

Those who have an e-commerce business know how important product photos are to increase sales rates.
We strive to provide the best service possible and to be a reliable partner for all our clients. This is why we have set up a photo studio to allow you to do photo shoots of your products intended for your sales platforms.
Our team of professionals will use the best equipment to provide the best solutions for the world of fashion, as well as for other industries, such as cosmetics, giftware, and food.
Here at l&tc we can take shots of garments worn by models and mannequins or use our still life sets for making any type of product look even more beautiful.

Having a partner that takes care of every aspect related to logistics, who can also manage photo shoots is an important asset that no company can afford to underestimate. This way, you can save on costs to transport your products from your warehouse to the photo studio and have every stage of the process under control.
Moreover, thanks to the use of RFID technology, we can reduce any chance for error in product management to the minimum, making our workflow faster and more efficient.