E.commerce, the future of business!

E-commerce is one of the few sectors that keep growing year after year.
We at l&tc have always understood the importance of an extremely efficient logistics service even in this sector. Today, we can manage the warehouse and order flow of important online stores, helping them increase shipping performance and safety.
In addition to preparing the orders, we can take care of the packaging according to the end customers’ requirements if they need a prestigious packaging or gift wrapping.
Our partnerships with the best Italian and international couriers allow us to ensure always timely deliveries. Your goods will always arrive within the established schedule, thereby raising customer satisfaction.
Returns management is strategic in e-commerce. We can ensure a fast and accurate service and high performance in compliance with our clients’ indications.
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Our photography studio!

Esempi fotografici!

Our focus on customer needs has led us to create Don’tBeGray, a creative and flexible communication and design workshop.
Don’tBeGray carries out various activities related to the world of communication, including photo shoots and post-production for e-commerce and other digital and traditional advertising channels.
All photo shoots take place in our in-house 300 sq.m photography studio. We take pictures of any type of product, from clothing worn by models or mannequins to still life photography for footwear and accessories.
As for advertising campaigns, our Don’tBeGray staff can operate at the locations you select.
Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you achieve your goals.