In the past few years, an increasing number of companies have been adopting a new business model called dropshipping, which allows them to reduce capital investments and enjoy numerous benefits, such as creating internal stocks, hiring new employees, developing software, managing suppliers and all complex logistics issues.
The fashion industry works on a strict seasonal schedule. That’s why, the need for streamlined and versatile stock is even more important – especially when it’s a third party who sells the goods – for both the owner and the handler of the goods.
Large multi-brand e-commerce businesses are a typical example. These businesses sell multi-brand products, but don’t necessarily need to keep the goods in stock.
If you’re thinking about switching to this kind of solution, we at l&tc can help you.
As your logistics partner, we at l&tc can create an interface with the selling platform, whether it is a proprietary e-commerce or a third-party marketplace. This way, every time someone buys your products managed within our stocks, we receive the order and process it in all its stages (pick up, packaging, and shipment).
l&tc can take care of any outsourced logistics activity, including the quality control of the incoming product or different types of packaging for the outgoing product. You can always rely on our highly-efficient staff and our extremely customised service.
Thanks to our systems and operating procedures, we can process all orders within 8 hours from their reception to meet the customer’s expectations.
Customer satisfaction increases the brand’s reputation, which means a new purchase from the customer in 40% of the cases.
An excellent dropshipping service is a win-win situation for all the parties involved.
If you want to learn more about this service, check out the Adventures of Mr Log dedicated to the “magical world of dropshipping”, or contact us!